Truck Mounted Forklift

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Truck Mounted Forklift
Truck Mounted Forklift

The New TruckTransformer works like a forklift attached to your truck. Fork system self aligns with truck body for fast and easy loading. Now One Transferable Underbody Adapter allows you to back under and load various truck bodies, machinery, equipment, containers and more.
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Underbody Adapter

The TruckTransformer system when equipped with an underbody adapter can be used to back under almost anything. Simply back your truck and the underbody adapter under your deck and the TruckTransformer system loads it directly onto your truck in minutes. Now you can load anything from a flat deck to sea containers with little or no body altering costs. One truck and one underbody adapter does it all.

For more information on the TruckTransformer click on System Features.