Hybrid Motorhome

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Hybrid Motorhome
Hybrid Motorhome
Hybrid Motorhome

The TruckTransformer allows you to unload your work trucks body on the weekends and transforms into a Hybrid Motorhome. Having your motorhome mounted with the TruckTransformer gives you higher ground clearance allowing you to travel to more places.

The new innovative design enables you to offload the motorhome directly onto the ground!

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Motorehome BenefitsMotothome Size

  • Very spacious unit
  • Choice of a 4 x 4 vehicle allows off-road camping. High ground clearance.
  • Toggle control 3 minute off-loading/ on-loading.
  • The Motorhome can be off loaded directly to the ground allowing for easy one-step access.
  • Large washroom with shower/tub, wash basin and lavatory.
  • Excellent vehicle handling characteristics with side roll eliminated due to the weight distribution. The hot water tank, propane tanks, batteries, fresh and black water tanks are at floor level with the grey water, storage compartment,700 lbs. steel H.M.H. frame, and the Truck Transformer 400 lbs. loader system below the floor.
  • Hybrid Motorhome dry weight - 3400 lbs.
  • The towed car is eliminated. The Transformer chassis is road legal when equipped with auxiliary mudguards and tail lighting and can be used for touring and rides as comfortably as a regular pick up.
  • Tonneau cover or load straps enable the chassis to carry a load when not hauling the motorhome body.

Load Campers

With the TruckTransformer fork system, you can load any camper directly onto the loading system. With some optional, minor modifications to your camper, you can install extra storage in the standard camper wheel well cutouts. This provides you with extra storage not available with a standard pickup box.

Extra storage can provide larger holding tanks, fuel storage, and room for lawn chairs or simply extra luggage.

Working out of town? Use the extra storing capacity for tools and get that out of town project done while living in the comfort of your camper and save on hotel costs.