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Secure Onsite Storage

Storage containers are the perfect solution for job site lock up and storage, mobile offices, command posts and more. Containers offer great on site security and are easily loaded and transported  from site to site with the TruckTransformer system. Containers are available in 6', 8', 10' and 16' lenghts.


  • Made from steel, containers are highly durable and offer more security than a standard trailer.
  • Containers can be outfitted with all the necessary tools you need for a particular job and are kept securely on site.
  • All tools, materials and more can then be transported easily in one trip to the next job site.
  • Containers can be custom built into mobile/onsite offices.
  • Refrigerated units can be used to keep produce and fruit cool.

Cost Effective 

No longer will you have to pay rental and transportation fees when moving between job sites or simply moving to the adjacent lot. Not to mention you are in control of when the containers are transported and don't have to rely on a third party. All your tools are kept on site therefore saving you time looking for the right tools.

Using an 8 foot storage container as an example, purchasing a storage container and using the TruckTransformer system to transport from site to site will breakeven after just 2.75 years. This example does not include tax, delivery charge or relocation costs, therefore actual breakeven is much sooner.  

Container Pricing