Customer Testimonials

Have a look at what some of our customers have to say about their TruckTransformer Systems and how it has helped them improve productivity or reduce costs.

Kalwood Farms

Thanks Dana and the gang at Simpson Innovations,

I bought my first TruckTransformer in July 2007 and now have five deck configurations.

We were using it so much that summer of 2010 saw the addition of our second truck with the Transformer system. The ability to leave our bins and containers in one place and go move another has made these units invaluable to our operation. We plan to add insulated vans to our fleet for this coming season and look forward to increased savings once again.

Roger Bailey

Caliber Master Builder Ltd.

Four years ago we purchased a TruckTransformer System for construction debris cleanup and deliveries from Dana at Simpson Innovations.

The system performed exceptionally well and due to the simplistic operation and maintenance, we did not have to have special training for the staff using it. The TruckTransformer system was put through a real test and abuse in the construction field and is working flawlessly.

After using the system for a short time, we quickly realized that the cost of the system was paid back within about a year.

Dana has answered all of our questions and has regularly serviced our system even though we are in another province. We are very satisfied and would recommend Dana and TruckTransformer to anyone looking to purchase the system.

Illia Kogan
General Manager