System Features

System Features
System Features
System Features

The TruckTransformer is a light weight two part system; the first part is a loader system that attaches to the truck frame (starting at 250 kilograms (560 pounds) including bumper and mud guards and lighting) and the second part can either be an underbody adapter that permanently attaches to a body for on/off loading or a fork system that the truck manipulates and moves from under one load, (deck, body, platform, pod, skid, etc.) and under the next.

The TruckTransformer has been engineered for up to 5,000 kilograms (11,000 pounds) of loading capacity. The system is available for medium-duty cab and chassis trucks with nominal chassis frame rail widths of 86 centimeters (34 inches). With your choice of any length from 60" to 120" Cab to Axle, the TruckTransformer can be tailored for almost any application.


  • System fits 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks.
  • Loads and off-loads fully loaded bodies up to 5,000 KG (11,000 lbs) from ground level.
  • Swap bodies in less than 10 minutes. Off-load in 3.
  • Reduces double handling and unnecessary unloading of product from body.
  • Gravity Dump Systems can dump at 45 degrees without additional hydraulics
  • Operator friendly toggle control.
  • Build your own deck out of metal or wood or have us build you one.
  • Load anything from pallets to sea containers and anything in between!
  • Low-maintenance worm gear drive utilizes gearing as an automatic brake when loading and unloading.
  • New roller chain/sprocket drive system is practically maintenance free.
  • Equipped with auxiliary mudguards and tail lighting the unit is road legal with or without a truck body.
  • The loader system and units are lockable to deter theft.

Gravity Dump System

With the 1.5-meter (60-inch) cab to axle trucks, the system can also be used for dumping without additional hydraulic cylinders. The system uses gravity to dump materials out of containers such as refuse or gravel out of containers made of wood or steel. It can also gently offload materials such as plywood, fence posts, lumber, and skids by sliding the material off the deck to the ground.