Cost Savings

Cost Savings
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
Cost Savings

The TruckTransformer reduces the number of cab and chassis trucks required, which significantly lowers capital outlay, utilizes remaining cab and chassis in a more efficient manor, and reduces licensing and maintenance costs. Seasonal and part time vehicles can be eliminated with one truck doing the job of several.

  • Lower insurance and licensing cost
  • Reduce maintenance and overhead costs
  • Eliminate double handling
  • Reduce driver down time
  • Remove seasonal or part time vehicles

Since truck bodies or platforms are more cost-effective, they can be used on the truck and double as ground storage units for the specific tools, equipment, and materials. This allows contractors to keep units preloaded. For example, a plumbing contractor could have one platform with tools for plumbing applications, one for heating and duct work applications, and one for gas fitting applications. This is a time saver because you don’t have to manually load and unload the truck; you would simply load the deck onto the truck. Since each of the decks are preloaded, they can also be pre-secured with load straps, saving even more labor.

In applications requiring loading, travel, and unloading, a second box can be filled while the truck operator is dumping a load using the first box. This greatly reduces waiting time for staff and increasing delivery time.

Another cost-savings option is equipping the fork system with a cab guard; this reduces steel deck costs as the decks can be built as flat platforms allowing on/off loading of equipment from the front or the rear of the deck when the deck is on the ground. The elimination of a normal deck’s cab guard reduces deck costs by 30 percent.

A large house-building contractor that is using the TruckTransformer system notes that he saw substantial savings and, importantly, when he controls the movement of the waste bins and jobsite tool lock containers, he has better control of the scheduling of the delivery of the house to the buyer.

Here are several more ways the TruckTransformer can save you money:

  • Truck bodies/platforms can be equipped with temporary/permanent wheels for mobility when off loaded allowing movement of the body/platform.
  • One person can load heavier equipment or materials onto a truck
  • Offloading the platform/body to ground height decreases lower back injury from lifting heavy or awkward equipment.
  • Containers can be transported as truck bodies and double as on site storage units for the specific tools, equipment, and materials reducing costly warehousing in a building
  • Drive can even be used as a winch to pull equipment onto an off loaded platform/ body


OEM Financing is available for the TruckTransformer system when purchased on a new or used vehicle from an authorized dealership. Financing can also be arranged independently on approved credit.